83 Degrees | web2.0 software. For god’s sake! How 2.0 Cool Site Compliant can you get? I’m getting so sick of tags, ajax, numbers in domain names and all that superficial shit companies pull (me included) to come across as web 2.0. Jeeses.

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  1. Many points

    1) I like the new blog

    2) I’m about to make many comments, not just here.

    3) I’m posting first here, because this post made me laugh out loud. We all get a little carried away with the new, what’s the word… neologisms, or as some would say buzzwords. Some of us do better than others about truly understanding what’s behind them than others, primarily because we’re culturally indoctrinated through our interactions in this space with the thoughts and theories behind them.

    But, what makes me laugh a little is (and I think it starts with use of the terms too broadly) that some companies (and even people in this space) who just don’t get it embrace the superficial constructs of the thing without really “getting it”. Specifically I’m reminded of a post Scoble (Microsoft blogger, for those not as geeky as you or I, hehe, I’m trying here) did a post called something like “Marketing blog? No RSS? You’re fired.”

    His primary point was some marketing types preying on the hype as they often do embraced the idea of the blog and called it a blog without embracing any of the specific details that make blogs work so well…. No RSS, No Permalinks, No comments, No trackbacks, and so much other important or truly useful stuff.

    Which brings me back full circle, because I like your new blog (in all it’s stock WordPress glory) more than ever, because it’s not about the design, it’s about the communication, and in fact I have a WordPress blog that’s been “in development” to replace my Blogger.com blog, but I keep putting it off. …because I’m entrenched, because I’ve got to much pride in the design, because I’m a damn designer… when really, I need to just forget about the design for now and start communicating better… Because there’s just to much to be said to worry about superficial trivialities like the aesthetics of design. That and ironically I always bitch when people don’t get how much depth there is to design in web media. We’re about way more than “architecting” some page layout, or even navigation. This is not print design. We do not just dress up the page we’re designing and architecting the whole book, and then some. Hell right now we’re architecting a whole new communications media, and that’s pretty damn deep, so why am I still using blogger with cool design shell when I should be using WordPress with rich communicative architecture.

    4) I thought you might appreciate this blog


    aka, http://www.elasticspace.com/

    I just spotted it earlier today (umm, yesterday), not only is it an awesome blog on all things interaction design, but look at the way he rearranged the page layout. Three columns of content. Shifting the about info, archives and other normally right hand column info to the bottom. Then there is the tag navigation. Best of all, it’s a WordPress blog.

    I’ve been meaning to email or comment and ask him what he’s using to do the tag navigation. It’s probably a plugin, I’ve seen a couple. The only question is does wordpress truly support tagging yet instead of just lame categories? I really need a delicious type tag interface for my blog, but for both blog posting and search on the blog I need a google search box style auto-complete (uses ajax to query the server or a XML data reference for the most popular near tags and returns them in a selectable drop down) and not show me or the user every single one of the 10,000 tags I ever used.

    My delicious bookmark-let tool is starting to get out of hand, and I’m starting to worry if I haven’t started to surpass some fundamental or theoretical limit to the number tags delicious can support. But I’m not slowing down on tag use even though it’s slowing down my Firefox. Also, in reference to this guys tag for his blog navigation… it’s gonna need a “more” button before I can use it. :)

    So, ha, my love of all this new media jazz is why I’m sitting here at 5:30 on a Thursday morning reading your blog and commenting when at 9am I have to drive for 5-6 hours to my little brothers wedding.

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