Mefeedia in Businessweek’s Best of the Web

I’m quite honored to be listed (for, my video project) together with sites like Wikipedia, Flickr and the likes in an article by Businessweek in the Editors picks for the Best of the Web.

Businessweek has a special: It’s A Whole New Web: “And this time, it’s Your Web. No longer content to be merely viewers and consumers, people increasingly are taking an active part in creating their online lives.
At many new Web sites and services, the creative energy of countless souls virtually crackles off the screen. They’re cobbling together their own services from customizable Web sites and Lego-style pieces of Web software.”

Indeed. And this is where it gets interesting: “Media and entertainment companies, which have profited by becoming gatekeepers, sit right in the crosshairs of Web do-it-yourselfers.”

There are some amazing sites I hadn’t heard of. “An average of 6.2 million photos are uploaded to Cyworld each day”. Holy shit. That’s what happens when cellphones really kick in.

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