Google search: good enough?

Technorati Weblog: Welcome to the Blogosphere, Google!: “I welcome the competition. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves too.”

You have to admire a company that is brave enough to take on Google in search, of all things.

I wonder though, Google’s big advantage is the server infrastructure they’ve built up. They know scaling better than almost anyone on the planet.

There is no doubt in my mind that Technorati’s search is superior to Google, but they are having serious scaling problems. Google doesn’t have to be better, in fact they can be worse than Technorati and still win, if they’re just Good Enough and Fast. Technorati is better than good enough, but not fast. Which is a problem.

This reminds of of Bloglines. The weird thing with Bloglines is that they have lots of crazy features (have your own blog, a great API, …) but I bet that 90% of their users use them only for one thing: reading blogs. They got that right.

I have the same problem speccing the next release of Mefeedia. Coming up with lots and lots of cool features is easy. Way easy. But finding the real value in a video aggregator and nailing that is much harder. Perhaps sites have to just develop stuff and some of it will stick? Flickr started as something quite different from what it is now, the photosharing sticked so they went with that.

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