I just came to Belgium, so I thought I’d share the European word on the street about the Katrina events.

“I’m not sending money – why should I? So they can use it to wage war in Iraq? And Bush said on TV they don’t need any help.”

“They’re shooting at their own people! Unbelievable! They said on the news that the military knows when they’re allowed to shoot.”

“The planes with help are waiting in the Belgian airport, but they haven’t gotten permission from the US governement yet.”

“Their governement doesn’t take care of its people. No pension, no healthcare, now this.”

“Imagine being a soldier in Iraq if you are from that area! When you should be helping out at home.”

“It took Bush 2 days before he went to visit the area! When anything happens here, the prime minister and the king are there within hours.”

We all feel for the victims, but the way this is being handled is quite unbelievable.

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