Books: Ambient Findability: Peter’s book is out, go get it while it’s hot.

I noticed that Amazon changed the shape of their book page: they finally got rid of those side navs that nobody cares about. Page shape is one of my “things”, the default for many designers is to do a top and sidebar, and then use that on every single page of the website, whether it makes sense or not.

But different types of pages need different overall shapes, going as far as even getting rid of the global nav if needed. It makes the site much more focused and usable. Here’s 1 example: the instant archive page at mefeedia. It chucks the whole global nav altogether, and that’s not always a bad thing. I still have to test that particular one, by the way :)

PHP and MySQL are loosing the plot?

MySQL 5.0 release candidate is out with goodies such as stored procedures and such.


Mysql is trying to emulate Oracle. I see the same thing happening with PHP. It’s is trying more and more to emulate JAVA et all and trying to get acceptance in the “enterprise”. Zend’s site is all about the “enterprise”. And that’s all wrong!

Meanwhile, things like Ruby on Rails are stealing PHP’s lead in easy and fast web development. I heard a talk by a Google engineer trying to convince a MySQL crowd that they shouldn’t try to emulate Oracle, they should try to shoot higher than that and become the next web OS database. I don’t think the MySQL guys got it. That’s always the problem with a lot of open source software – they emulate leaders – they don’t lead themselves. Open office is the same – sure, they copy Microsoft Office. But MS Office is much more usable than OO – always a generation or two ahead. At least last time I checked (a few months ago).

Anyway, back to PHP-MySQL. The dynamic duo. Are they loosing the plot by trying to be “enterprise” friendly, instead of focussing on fast and cheerful web2.0-style development? I worry. Discuss.

looking for Firefox extension hacker

I need to find someone who can hack together a small firefox extension for a (very cool I think myself) project I’m doing.

I haven’t been able to find out where to find someone. Email to peter van dijck at google’s email system (you can piece this email address together, right? No spaces.) I can pay you some $$, not too much. I’m a big believer in browser-based stuff, and I want to start playing with some ideas I have for Mefeedia. This is something you should be able to put together in a weekend or two…