AOL portal are launching a new desktop video aggregator. It has an option in it to search videos, and you can select various sources to search – Yahoo, the internet archive, blogdigger and Mefeedia. If you search Mefeedia, you will get a lot of videoblogger results – as opposed to just the “funny videos” floating around on the internet.

I had an insight the other day when looking at AOL’s new video portal. They are aggregating television programs, movie trailers and news clips and such – which I guess makes sense for AOL to do. You’re a media company or not. And their search gets to the millions of “funny” videos floating around on the web. But look at what’s on their portal and it’s just sad. A whole bunch of boring video. Great job!

Go to Mefeedia instead, and you’ll find a tiny, tiny group of people starting to produce and syndicate original long tail video content. Real stuff. And this is the content that is going to change things, at least a bit. Message to AOL/bigmedia: it’s not about putting television on the web. That’s where they go (predictably) wrong.

But I digress – what’s cool about Opentv’s Mefeedia search isn’t just that it finds you videobloggers (which is why I call Mefeedia the “the best place to find videobloggers”), it’s that it’s based on just RSS. All I have right now on Mefeedia is RSS everywhere, no API, no nothing, and that’s enough for them to create a useful search. So I thought that’s kinda pretty fucking cool.