What services out there let you view, in real time, another computer user interact with their screen? I don’t need audio – I have a phone. It needs to be low-install on the users’ side. And I don’t need heavy applications, all I want is to see the screen of the other user and how they interact with it. The usability applications I’ve seen are overspecced and expensive. Webex is expensive. Any pointers?

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  1. Could you get people to run a VNC server on their machines? They’d have to install and do some configuring (including setting a password only you would know) but it’s open-source/free and would allow you to watch their actions…

  2. VNC (realvnc.com or google for tightvnc as another altenrative). Also Joel Sposky (joel on software) has just released CoPilot (copilot.com) which is a for fee site ($10 a day I think).

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