relPamyment is like syndicating your tipjar.

RelPayment: how to get paid. An overview page we wrote for videobloggers on how to use relPayment.

I am not sure if this will take off, but at least now there is a possibility. If videobloggers want to use it, they will, and if aggregators start to support it, it will be another babystep towards videoblogging viability.

The important thing to note here is that watching video through an aggregator is, in terms of cost, fundamentally different from watching text. The text is already contained in the RSS feed, so it has already been downloaded. The video isn’t. It’s an enclosure link, so for every viewer that watches it, the videobloggers’ bandwidth gets hit. The same applies to podcasting.

RelPayment is an attempt to make this “stealing of bandwidth” a little bit fairer videobloggers.

Again, I’m not sure it’ll take off. I’m not sure videobloggers are all that concerned about money. But if there’s demand from the vloggers, it might.

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  1. You can bet your life we vloggers are concerned about money. :) It’s one of the reasons we hate the “big media” – they get all the dough. :)

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