Sometimes a picture works better: this is how Mefeedia (the first video aggregator) supports rel=”payment”. If you put a link with rel=”payment” in your blog post, Mefeedia will show a support link in its interface.

When we thought of it, it made sense. Only slowly am I realizing now why it makes sense, and why it might make less sense for text bloggers.

Rich media aggregators (or enclosure aggregators) like FireANT, Mefeedia and iTunes, don’t get their content from the RSS feeds that’s already been syndicated. The media content is linked from the RSS, not embedded, like text content. So you HIT the owner’s bandwidth every time someone watches or downloads a movie or a podcast. It costs them. That’s why it makes more sense to have a payment link for rich media than for text media.

Or it might just be the early morning coffee.

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  1. Hey can you give me the exact thing I should write into my post? I’m not code-skilled enough to know exactly what you mean.

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