Congo Girl – Thoughts about Kinshasa: “It is coming up on a year now that I have lived here, and in talking to a colleague a week or two ago, I realized that adjusting to this environment has been difficult for one reason that I had overlooked. I am trying to adjust to two new cultures. The first is, of course, Congolese culture. Very different from the US, the South, New Orleans — though I’ve found more links between NOLA and Kin than I ever would have though possible. The second is Belgian/European culture. As a previously colonized country, there are a lot of holdovers in style and approach and work ethic and education methods, as well as food and drink and entertainment. When I am inclined to escape from Congolese culture and retreat back into what I know, I find it isn’t really there. ”

The unexpected culture adjustments are often the hardest ones :)

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