Library Journal – Googlizers vs. Resistors: “Googlization sends our users a dangerous message. It suggests that we no longer believe in the advantages provided by traditional techniques like field search, or in the power of controlled vocabularies. If it all works like Google, why would these powerful search tools be necessary?”

I think many librarians still miss the point: Googlization (ugh!) does NOT mean throwing out CV’s, field search and such. You can build all that in. Making it easy to use doesn’t mean having simplistic functionality! Making powerful functions easy to use is hard, and training your users isn’t the only answer. That’s what the librarians have always missed.

By the way, Google trains its users of adsense: I have a little (hardcopy) booklet from Google (free) that explains adsense functionality. I’ve developed similar booklets for portal clients to hand out to their users on launch. A lot of websites don’t consider hardcopy help systems to be worth it. Big mistake.

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