A Visible City: How do anthropologists blink?: “Pat and others at ID have a project called Design for the Base of the Pyramid. Most of the research has been conducted remotely in India. The ID folks have set up templates and sent them to various researchers in India (social workers, architects, and MBAs, all new to observational research) with instructions to gather information in the slums of Mumbai.”

Can you distribute research? I heard that at least some user research for US companies is done by Indian companies. Outsourcing UX?

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  1. Interesting, I had a guy call me last week (found me through LinkedIn) and he wanted to pick my brains about how to offshore market research, especially the qualitative stuff. I mentioned how things like transcription were already being handled that way, and wondered if some of the logistics could be handled overseas (recruiting coudn’t be any worse than how the local folks do it, could it?) – but for main content collection/analysis? It’s so visceral for me, I can’t imagine how else to do it.

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