iTunes 4.9 – 1 click subs on your site!. iTunes now does podcasts (and videoblogs!), and lets you create 1-click subscribe buttons.

It’s a little bit tricky to create a one click subscription link for iTunes.

Create the xml file like this (via here):

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>< !DOCTYPE
pcast PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PCAST 1.0//EN" ""><pcast
version="1.0"><channel><link rel="feed" type="application/rss+xml"
href="; /><title>Delta
Park Project</title><category>Comedy</category><subtitle>A
great weekly show with comedy clips, pop culture reviews, the small town police
blotter and funny songs. Hosted by married duo Jason and Anna.</subtitle></link></channel></pcast>

Save it as a file and give it a .pcast extension (it requires that so iTunes can pick up the file, so a .php extension won’t work. A query string extension also doesn’t work, so .pcast?id=4 doesn’t work.)

Now link to it. You can use an image or just a text link. Then, when a user clicks the link, if they have iTunes 4.9 installed, it will subscribe to the feed.

Naked translations: “If you click on your country on the site, the UK for example, a screen appears saying “Our guess: you are in United Kingdom and speak Englishâ€?. Fair enough. However, there was a problem with the localisation for people in Belgium; the screen said “A notre avis: vous êtes en Belgique et vous parlez français.â€? Belgians really, really didn’t like that and thought it showed ignorance bordering on contempt for their culture, as they speak Dutch in the North, French in the South and German in a small region in the East.
Levi’s issued an apology explaining that their website was only translated into five major languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian and German) and that they thought French was the most accurate guess for Belgium. Interestingly enough, if you now click on “Belgiumâ€? on their website, the language that you’re offered is… English.”

IA in Cuba.

Javier: “In my last post, I mentioned that the course on UCD at UCV might be the first in Latin America. I’m glad to discover that there’s a slightly older course on IA. Universidad de La Habana, in Cuba, offers a course on Information Architecture as part of their Library Science program. They’ve already been through three terms, kudos to them. “

I tried to upgrade WordPress to 1.5, got a weird “allowed memory” error on the upgrade script. This sucks. I am getting less and less patient with installation problems. Meanwhile, I am still logged out on my laptop and cannot log back in.

Help! One one computer, I am still logged into my WordPress (1.2.2). On my other computer, after deleting all y cookies, I am logged out. I cannot log back in. I can change my password on my one computer, but still can’t log back in on the other one (“wrong login”). My blog is in a different directory than my wordpress admin site. Email me if you have an answer…

PHP 5.1 introduces (finally) a single set of functions for database access, regardless of the database used. No more mucking about with those horrible PEAR classes. SitePoint’s PHP Blog asks: “Could this be the killer feature that draws developers to PHP 5.1 when real-world adoption of PHP 5 is still lagging?” Perhaps, but not for me. I’m still quite happy with PHP4.x. I’ll consider adopting PHP 5 in a year (or two). I guess I fall in the “conservative” camp, not the early adopter camp. Here’s the thing: there is nothing I can’t do in PHP4 right now that makes the learning curve for 5 worth it. And I use libraries that are PHP4. I am a conservative coder. Wait. I’m not really a coder. I’m someone who codes because he has to and can’t afford to hire a real coder. I code because I want to build cool stuff, and you need code for that. I am a coder by necessity.

I am also a bad coder, but good enough to get the job done. I used to code professionally. That company went down. (No correlation there, I believe.) Now, I still code pretty much the same way I did back then, and it works. I use a few libraries for the hard stuff. I use templates. I use SQL. Good enough for most apps. I fool myself that the vision and things like UI and usability make up for my lack of coding skill.s I’ll shut up now. Damn coffee.