– Filing system taxonomy blues: “All those pieces of paper. They all need to be filed somewhere. But where? Is this piece of paper best filed under ‘insurance’, or ‘house’ or ‘Acme Insurances Inc.’ or ‘bills’? So many options, so many incorrect taxonomies to choose from. So much desire to find the one that is perfect. I should know better of course. There is no perfect taxonomy for a filing system.” (via Jon Udell)

SiteLines – Ideas About Web Searching: May 2005 Archives: “In a March 29 2005 paper, Ira Machefsky and John Fernandez of search engine Accoona, clue us in to some key differences between searchers in China and the US. The authors compared search terms used in the US and Chinese versions of Accoona. Whereas US searchers focus on news, gossip, and entertainment, Chinese searches show a strong focus on business information, particularly manufacturing.”

I’ve been interested in finding out differences in search habits in different cultures. Any other pointers?

The RSS wars

Here’s what might happen: Apple, Google, Yahoo et al will start expanding RSS (with namespaces) or creating their own. Their tools will use these namespaces, so developers will start supporting them as well (to get their stuff into iTunes and such). So brace for the RSS wars.