Information architecture in South Africa

Jason Hobbs from South Africa wrote me:

“I’m trying to create a network of information architects in south africa since they are near to impossible to find. Do you know of any or could you point me in the direction of people or institutions that could help me?

My interest is in increasing
+ awareness of IA
+ debate around IA
+ use of IA in commercial projects
+ research into IA

…in the context of south africa. There are real and unique challenges which we face in Africa with regards to the use of the internet and IA offers many solutions. I recently published this article in a marketing publication in south africa – you may find it interesting…”

So get in touch with Jason if you’re interested in IA in South Africa.

0 thoughts on “Information architecture in South Africa

  1. Can you find a Polisf architect (deceased) named Kazimir Lech Novici, who worked in SA and Namibia approx 30-40 years ago: main works, partners etc?
    Thank you.
    Terje Bodoegaard

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