Joshua (from delicious): “After seeing my little project go from a small hobby to a large one and then consume all my waking hours, I’ve decided to quit my job and work on full time. I’ve given a lot of thought to how to make this happen, and ultimately decided that the best way forward is to take on some outside investment.”

Good luck!

Gmail is down

When you live in a world where you feel compelled to share screenshots of a any one website going down, things are way out of hand. Dependency on Google? You betcha!

I got an invite for Yahoo 360 degrees, and spent 10 minutes on it. Looks alright. They seem to be pulling together a lot of the Yahoo stuff (fotos, groups, …) through a social network (friends). From my brief look at it, the approach seems to make a lot of sense.

Briefly: We had an interesting chat with JD Lassica from Ourmedia on the videoblogging group (using IRC).

Also, there are weird problems with my blog that I’m not sure I can fix before leaving for Spain on Friday.

Joel on Software – The Road to FogBugz 4.0: Part II: “I have never been to Japan but my father, a linguist, once told me the story of the train station in Tokyo, where the announcements were made in Japanese and English. You would hear four or five minutes of nonstop Japanese and then the English translation would be “The train to Osaka is on platform 4.” It seems that in Japanese there is simply no way to say something that simple without cosseting it heavily in a bunch of formal etiquette-stuff.”