Nick Finch (?) writes about content and locales and the problems with continents, but I can’t seem to contact him.

I linked to another website with this post, that I found via Technorati, and I now suspect that that other website was a fake blog meant to create Pagerank, populated automatically from various feeds. Evil.

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  1. I think spelling my last name correctly might help some; Finck. That asside there are three forms for which someone can contact me. I also replied to your email, but haven’t heard back. I don’t publicly post my email address because it generates too much spam in my inbox even with Spam Assasin setup for deleting anything that comes close to what looks like spam. As for the “other website” I am not sure what site you are refering to, surely not Digital Web Magazine. Perhaps it was a re-feed site like UIdesigner or something?

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