Welcome to Technology Review: Brilliant article on API’s and control, and why Google better watch itself: “He agreed that if Microsoft got ‘hard-core’ about search (as Bill Gates has promised), then, yes, Google would be in for a very rough time. Why? Because in contrast to Microsoft, Google doesn’t yet control standards for any of the platforms on which this contest will be waged – not even for its own website. Although Google has released noncommercial APIs – which programmers may use for their own purposes, but not in commercial products – until recently, it avoided the creation of commercial APIs.”

Now that I’m self-employed, I need some business cards. Two questions: one, a good online place to print them? Vistaprint gets decent reviews, and you can get 250 cards free (+ 7$ shipping), although I don’t mind paying a bit. Two: should I have different cards for different aspects of my business?

I’m psyched like a baby whenever I find something new that works with me-tv, like the new channel 9 feed from Microsoft I just added :)

I met with Mica, Kenyatta, Josh and Jay today to discuss the future of me-tv. I will talk about that more later, meanwhile, here’s the video (Quicktime, about 4 Megs). I was psyched when I realized what a fantastic group of people were together in that room! The movie includes the first secret preview of the upcoming ANT tool which is like ipodder for video.

I am looking for a piece of PHP code that returns URL’s found in piece of text. I need it to recognize the urls in the following example (found in an RSS feed), which my current code can’t handle.

<a href="http://www.michaelverdi.com/video/watermark.mov"target="_blank"><img src="http://www.michaelverdi.com/images/watermark.jpg" border="0" /></a> <br />That's right, I spent all weekend at my computer for your viewing pleasure.

Two good friends got married today, to Willie and Melina, I wish them all the best. I made a movie too, the quality is really bad, I’ll figure out how to make that better and maybe post it again tomorrow. But here it is .

me-tv is still in alpha, but already some cool stuff is becoming possible. Watching video online is just a drag, and me-tv makes it easier, and you know what, for watching old-school TV it sucks, but for watching all that other stuff, it rocks. Feedster has a videoenclosures feed, which I fed through me-tv. This is what it looks like through me-tv:

Bienvenido | Colombia Guide

I have an HTML/CSS question about this page. You see where it says “Submitted by Peter”, and there’s a star next to the name. Why does it wrap to the next line? (Firefox and IE) I can’t figure it out, except that it might have something to do with the css (that I didn’t write myself). Anyone?

is doing some interesting innovation with taxonomies and folksonomies and what not. By the way, the aifia-members list has a great conversation going on about folksonomies – join aifia to get the goods!

Challenges with automated downloads: Blogdigger Development Blog: “Even moderately to unpopular podcasts could incur large bandwidth costs (case in point: within a few hours of putting the Blogdigger podcast on the Blogdigger media feed, it was downloaded several hundred times; still I’ve yet to receive an email or comment telling me how hilarious it was, which obviously means no one listened to it ;).”

I added signing up to the me-tv alpha today. A feature/bugfix a day keeps the doctor away. It takes me about 2 hours every day. Bootstrapping. I’m happy I released early, I have already over 50 people using it and they provide great feedback on what’s important to them. It’s a videoblog browser, by the way. In some important ways, it’s different from a text blog browser. Is it different enough, or will Bloglines eat my lunch? Keep tuned.

The crazy thing about videoblogging, and what gives me hope, is that the videobloggers (I’m not a real videoblogger – they are) are WAY excited. I mean, you remember how you were excited about your first contact with the web? Your first website? Like that.

Mica told me how Charlene found out about this new medium. Mica showed her videoblog, and Charlene came running upstairs (if I understood this correctly) all excited, and then started calling her in the middle of the night with questions about how to do this. They’ve been posting a video almost every day. Imagine the drive behind that. People want this. They want to have a voice.

Anyway, I am hacking together what will hopefully not be known as a “vogbrowser“. Check it if you’re interested. It’s still buggy, but it’s getting better every day. Check out Mica, Jay and Charlene’s feeds, as good examples. I am working on recognizing more types of feeds… (My friend thinks it’s “better than tv“).

I just made 3 short phonecalls to Belgium (from NYC), using SkypeOut. It was cheap: only 15 cents, and worked great.

Yahoo! News – U.S. OKs Evidence Gained Through Torture: “Evidence gained by torture can be used by the U.S. military in deciding whether to imprison a foreigner indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as an enemy combatant, the government says. Statements produced under torture have been inadmissible in U.S. courts for about 70 years. But the U.S. military panels reviewing the detention of 550 foreigners as enemy combatants at the U.S. naval base in Cuba are allowed to use such evidence.”