I am having problems with Quicktime and iTunes sound on Windows XP. The audio sounds bad: it “stutters”. I have restarted the computer, reinstalled iTunes, no luck. Any ideas?

I opened an account with Broadvoice (20$/month for a nyc phone nr using voip and unlimited calls to USA, Canada and a bunch of other countries including Belgium).

Setup surprised me. You just plug the tiny box they send you into your router (a wireless/router is like 20$ these days), plug in any standard old phone and it works! No setup. No websites to navigate to. No codes to enter. You don’t even have to turn on your computer. Pick up the phone and you get a dialtone, and call mom in Belgium and it works. Nice.

The WordPress people are doing a bulletin board. I’m looking forward to it! I have been very dissapointed with most existing solutions, and even Drupal isn’t really what I need (which is a simple board but with effective controls – I know, that’s not a spec). bbPress

I just made a small contribution to the tsunami relief effort through Amazon and it really only takes 6 seconds and it’s really easy so you could too.