Searching for a cheap VoIP telephone service

I am looking to get a phone number. I spend time in Belgium, New York, and sometimes in other countries in Europe, so a VoIP number I can take with me would be good. I also want to be able to receive faxes. I already have Skype, so I can use that for outgoing calls, if needed, so I don’t need unlimited outgoing calls. I mainly need incoming cals. It should of course have voicemail. Finally, I’m working for myself now, and it should be affordable.

  1. BroadVoice
    20$, unlimited free calling to Belgium, US, Canada and a bunch of other countries. Or, for $9.95 unlimited calls within NY state only.

  2. Lingo is similar: $19.95 for unlimited calls with anyone in Canada, the US and western Europe. The basic plan is $15 and gives you 500 worldwide minutes.
  3. Sunrocket: for 25$ you get unlimited US calls and free equipment.
  4. Vonage is $24 for the unlimited plan (US and Canada only), $15 for the basic plan (500 minutes in US or Canada). It doesn’t include Western Europe, so for me, that’s bad.
  5. A regular landline in NYC. How much would that be?
  6. Get an extra line on my girlfriend’s cellhpone. 10$

Can I get fax service with any of these? Experiences?

Note that charges are always more than you expect in the US. Broadvoice has a good table explaining other charges. The Broadvoice service ends up being $312 a year, or 26$ a month, not $20.

One thought on “Searching for a cheap VoIP telephone service

  1. I had similar needs, but I decided that what I really needed was for US-based folks to be able to contact me via phone, and for me to be able to return those calls. Today I read about K7 ( on Dave Winer’s blog, and have signed up for an account. You get a US-based phone/fax number where folks can leave you voicemail, and you retrieve the voicemails and faxes via email. The basic service is free.

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