Staying up to date with IA

Here is my list of resources to stay up to date if you are into information architecture. I haven’t included all the general UX lists, these are fairly specific for ia, metadata and search and such. Add your own to the comments and I’ll add them to this list.

I am especially trying to include not-well-known but useful resources.

Must have’s: don’t miss these 2:

Mailing lists for discussion:

  • Sigia-L: the original IA list, and still good, although some people unsibscribed because of occasional noise and nastyness. I still find it very valuable.
  • AIfIA Members: members only list similar to Sigia-L, but definitely worth the AIfIA subscription fee.
  • IA-CMS: low volume, focused on IA for CMS.
  • Faceted classification list. Active on and off.
  • Searchloggers: low volume but specialized.


Blogs and RSS feeds. I only included blogs that are almost only about IA, or the list would be endless. I didn’t include any of the numerous library blogs.

Other languages.

Want more? More mailing lists and newsletters on the IAWiki (most of the ones here are also there, but not all).

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