Some stats – it’s getting to be the end of the year after all. Russel Beatie started it.

On the domain, which serves both my Colombia site and this weblog (and some other, less popular stuff like my new India site), during the last month, I got an average of 3800 visits a day, viewing 20,000 pages (and an average of 3 hits per page). I served 15 Gigs over the month, half a gig a day. My host has limitations (no mod_rewrite on subdomains) ,but for 5 bucks a month, who am I to complain? And service is decent. The Google ads on the Colombia site make me about 200$ a month, so that’s pretty nice.

There were 57056 404 pages (I should do something about that). My RSS feeds gets 25,000 hits a month, about 900 a day. The top 3 entry pages are my RSS feed, my Colombia homepage and the homepage of this blog.

Here’s a view on how my traffic has been evolving in 2004. There’s a strange peak in hits this month that isn’t reflected in pageviews or visitors, so that’s probably some redesign I did that I already forgot about, adding more css files or pictures or something.

About 30,000 people come from Google searches, 1500 click through from Bloglines a month.

Interesting search queries: sorry everybody (my site is the 10th result on Google). I pointed to the sorry everybody website. 278 people came through that Google result page. How to make a documentary is still going strong – I’m the second result with a post from january. I almost feel a responsibility there, so I decided to add some navigation within that post to help people find more related stuff.

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