What is Word sense disambiguation?: “In computational linguistics word sense disambiguation (WSD) is the problem of determining in which sense a word having a number of distinct senses is used in a given sentence. For example, consider the word “bass”, two distinct senses of which are:

1. a type of fish
2. tones of low frequency

and the sentences “The bass part of the song is very moving” and “I went fishing for some sea bass”. To a human it is obvious the first sentence is using the word “bass” in sense 2 above, and in the second sentence it is being used in sense 1. But although this seems obvious to a human, developing algorithms to replicate this human ability is a difficult task.”

What does word-sense disambiguation have to do with international information architecture?

Me, Livia and Jorge are doing research on international information architecture. I will be posting more about our research efforts here during the following weeks and months.

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