There are a bunch of tibetan settlements around Mysore (South India) – the Indian governement was nice to the refugees when the Chinese started fucking up Tibet. It’s hard to legally visit (you need a bunch of slow paperwork), and I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble by illegaly visiting (which supposedly is easy), so I didn’t go. I filmed some tibetans in the internet cafe (Windows Media Video, about a Meg) in Mysore.

Goa is a great place to hang out on the beach, this was an evening in one of the beach cafes (Windows Media movie, about half a Meg) in which we were wondering about the origin of chess (it does come from India), so one of the guys ran to the nearby internet cafe and googled it.

I’ve had to switch to the proprietary Windows Video format for reasons I’ll explain in detail in a future post about videoblogging on the road. For the record, the internet cafe I’m in currently is fast but doesn’t allow heavy uploads because they get charged for that.

Anyway, here’s the first of the Windows Movies: sometimes the selling gets to be a bit much (Windows Media movie, about half a Meg).