How to write a tagline

The first tagline for my first project was really bad. I’m developing a wiki hosting service, so my tagline (naturally!) was (ready for it?): “Powerful, easy wiki hosting”. Clear. Succinct. Describes the services. Sucks.

I let it rest a bit. Later, when I was writing and rewriting copy for the website, it dawned on me that the one big advantage users were going to get out of this service was that they could get their groop, team, class or whatever writing. My service would make it easy and unresistable for people to write and share stuff.

Good taglines don’t describe the service, they describe the benefit. So I went back to the tagline. Something like “Get them writing!”? Nah. The “them” is too distant. Too aggressive too, you can’t force people to write.

I still haven’t figured it out. I’ll report back later.

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