Worldchanging: “This year, in Mumbai alone, the upcoming Ganpati celebrations will see 70 – 80,000 Plaster of Paris idols of Lord Ganesha immersed in the sea as a holy ritual. Thereby, devotees honor their deity, and imply his status as a higher being, free from the temporal idols.

That means that on September 18th, water bodies all over India will get another annual dose of polythene bags, thermocol, plastics, and toxic chemical dyes.”

Some environmental actions are being taken. I hope to catch the Ganesh festival, I think it’s in 4 days, although I’m not sure I’ll be close to the sea.

Ganesh, by the way, is the god-kid with the elephant head. His head was cut off for some reason, so then his god-dad or mom gave him an elephant head instead. I got this information from a Belgian comic book (Suske en Wiske, where Belgians get a lot of their cultural information as kids from), so that’s my best understanding of the story.

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