If you’re getting frustrated with my lack of blogging (lack?), check this. I’m considering taking a Vipassana course, except I don’t want my butt to hurt much. The courses teach you meditation by getting you to sit still for 10 days, and you’re not allowed to talk either. Dhamma.org has details. The meditation I did before made you focus (not focus) on your thoughts, this one seems to do it by not focussing on physical sensations. Mmmmm.

Anyways, internet speeds here are at 125,000, about three times as fast as a regular dialup. They connect through a cellphone-like connection. I can’t upload pictures because they come straight out of the digital camera at large sizes – too large for this connection speed. Maybe I could optimize them locally? I’ve been making videoposts mostly anyway.

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  1. Hi Peter, Sandrine’s here :-) I did the vipassana course in the UK, just before I left for Oz. Worth it, and it’s not just yur but that will hurt, but also your legs and your mind! Hope you’re having fun in India. A une prochaine et biiiiiiiiiiiises

  2. Hi Peter, I hope you’re enjoying your trip! What a coincidence; I signed up for the same vipassana course up two weeks ago in Panama. Alas, the response wasn’t as big as expected and the course got cancelled. :-( Let me know how it goes if you do end up taking it. Cheers!

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