the weblog of Lucas Gonze

I’m enjoying the weblog of Lucas Gonze more and more. Good thinking. He reports today on QuiEst (french for whois). Embed the word in a page about a person, and then you can google “quiest lucas gonze”, for example. Interesting use of a made-up word combined with google’s power.

0 thoughts on “the weblog of Lucas Gonze

  1. I maid up this (key) word because as a matter of fact, we, french speaking people, do have to crawl down many screens to find french content. For genuine French words, it is not a problem, but with personal name – popular in both english and french sphere – it becomes hard to retreive french pages about such “shared personality”.

    As an example, by writing a post about, let say, John Lennon, titled “QuiEst John Lennon”, it should now pop up in the first Google screen. For this very example, we might have, after a while, a whole bunch of such “QuiEst” posts. Thanks to Google’s power, the best ranked will stay in the first screen anyway.

    It is what I call a (useful) meme or a (friendly) Google bomb. It is part “wikipedia collaboration spirit”, part decentralized defined -sort of- Google’s “Define:” feature.

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