Sign blogging!

Jay has the fire and passion and is becoming an excellent blogger. In Momentshowing: Warning: imagination running wild he gives a clear overview of the vision for videoblogging. Read it if you wonder why we’re doing all this.

He also points to Rob Wilks: “a young man living in Wales. He’s engaged to be married, looking for work, and is deaf. He found our videoblogging group and freaked out a little. He saw that videoblogs is just what he needed to post sign language. He calls them sign blogs.” None of use saw this coming. Sign blogs. In a discussion on the list we were explained how, sure, if you’re deaf you can read as well, but i you were born deaf, it’s often harder to read. It’s like a foreign language, because for reading you need auditory memory which you wouldn’t have. Sign blogging. Who knew?

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