Last (W)rites: The Indian PC (aka %u201CWhat women want.%u201D :-) )

Last (W)rites: The Indian PC (aka What women want. :-) )
Let me expand on this perspective – if you start to profile the average Indian PC buyer what stands out notably is he is more often than not a she. If we regard women as the central figure of an average middle class Indian family, what are we specifically doing today to ensure that the PC addresses some common scenarios around Indian housewives?”

In a way, he his saying that the computer needs to be socially and culturally “constructed” (by adjusting it to the needs of these users) while at the same time constructing the users (through classes, advertising, …) and letting both user and technology construct each other. It relates to the social co-construction of users and technology, something I’ve written about a bit since I read a book with the same subtitle.

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