Test playlist for India

I made a SMIL playlist for Quicktime, combining the text and links of blog entries with the video in them. I hope to provide this as an alternative way of viewing my videoblogging during my Indiatrip. So any user experience-type or technical feedback is welcome! Click the button to try it.

Let me know how it works on your platform. It should look somewhat like this:

0 thoughts on “Test playlist for India

  1. works perfect for me.
    so im i going to be helping you?
    or have you figured out a process so i can just be an amazed viewer?

    by the way, i want to feature you on videoblogging.info…
    will this be the permanent link to your Indian videos?

  2. cool peter, that is nifty way to do it. It worked just fine on the old os9 imac at work. At first i was confused and thought it was messed up but then i got used to it . Sometimes is the mechanism thats messed up but ofen its just me. cant wait to see your india vb come to life!!

  3. Is it your intention to have the presentation show in the browser or is that just my particular browser configuration? Personally, I’d prefer to have it play in a seperate instance of qt rather than the browser plugin. You should be able to trigger the automatic launch of the player by using a qtl extension, detailed here

  4. I am trying for it to show up in a popup Quicktime browser, but I’m having some problems. Right now I’m trying to use a .qtl movie… Tips welcome!

  5. Right now, the problem is it messes up my css (everything aligns all the way left), and the movie opens when you load the page, not when you click the button…

  6. It’s not showing up in Opera (7.50/Win). I have the QT plugin installed, but it seems like the content type image/x-quicktime isn’t set up to be handled by QT. When I open the URL to the .mov file in QuickTime everything plays just fine. I can’t ead all the text in the first video though, and links won’t open (the computer starts working, but nothing opens). I have set up Opera as my default browser. Other than that it looks great – big props to you!

  7. Peter, I am on Mac OS X Panther and using Safari. The movie opens in Quicktime just fine, but the text is rather large and seems to only be showing the first half of the text.

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