Blogging ethnographic source material – blogging like an anthropologist

While I am in India, I plan to videoblog daily (although intermittant internet access might make that hard). I also plan to do some ethnography-like research, and blog my source material.

Blogging the source material (I’ll make an effort to indicate where I am interpreting stuff), hopefully, will enable others to reinterpret it. What’s more, I hope it will start a conversation that will make the resulting interpretation much more refined that what I could have come up with myself.

In practice, that means that I’ll transcribe interviews. I’ll put video and photomaterial online. I’ll mix those materials with my notes, and then leave it up to my esteemed audience (that’s all 6 of you!) to discuss.

That’s the clearest I’ve been able to explain what I have in mind. I’ll try again later. See also: how to blog like an anthropologist.

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