Here is the first instance of kindof anthropological blogging I’ve found: 73bus (from a larger project), although he she doesn’t use the blog as a repository for documentary information the way I imagine someone should. I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

Also, one block radius, a project of Brooklyn artists Christina Ray and Dave Mandl [known collaboratively as Glowlab], is an extensive psychogeographic survey of the block where New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art will build a new facility in late 2004. Engaging a variety of tools and media such as blogs, video documentation, maps, field recordings & interviews, Glowlab creates a multi-layered portrait of the block as it has never been seen before [and will never be seen again].

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  1. ‘he’ is a she
    and tell more about what you are thinking with ‘the blog as a repository for documentary information’

  2. What I imagine is putting a lot of your source information (writeouts of interviews with notes, pictures, …) in a somewhat (I know it can never be uninterpreted) unprocessed form on a blog, so that others can add interpretations. Does that make sense?

  3. hi peter. [sorry for delay in responding…. i just found this post again!] I think I know what you mean and I also think of the blog in this way – as a place for gathering – like a collage/a montage – awkward, messy and fragmented ideas, images, thoughts and references that otherwise would be smoothed over in more formal research approaches. it reveals immediate thoughts. it exposes the workings behind the scenes. it is a transparent lens to methods of gathering, interpreting, analysing and processing data. and it reveals the collaborative nature of research. the bus is a public mode of transport – it’s important to me that my research about the bus is public, made widely available, openly accessible to a variety of publics. this is what I like about the blog in the research process. I use the blog as a reflexive tool to document my own narrative of the bus, my experiences during interviews with people, talks and responses to media events. and people respond to it – either by commenting or emailing me directly. The 73bus blog is where I have general, more random dialogue with people and the 73bus story blog is a little more directed – where people add 73 word (more or less) stories about the No.73 bus. I then explore them further on my website. i have been experimenting with using the blog in parallel with my No.73 bus websitehttp://www.73urbanjourneys.com. For instance the 73 word stories that people add to the bus story blog are then placed on seats on the bus here on the website. I’m still finding my way around and through research blogging – but it’s a valuable ongoing experiment.

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