MT to WordPress redirects.

I used the following script to create a mod_rewrite file for my new WordPress install. After running the script, the redirects look like this:

Redirect Permanent /ease/archives/001694.html

Note the /562/ part. That’s different from the usual WordPress URL’s.

The reason I had to write this script is that the existing scripts assume every item has a title. I have written a lot of my MT entries without title, so I can’t use the style, because it assumes no two entries on the same day have the same title. Empty titles wouldn’t really work. It’s not a huge problem, but I tried to solve it anyway, by setting up a URL structure that incorporates the entry ID: (in the WordPress admin, go to Options > Permalinks and use the following code)


This way every entry has a unique URL, even when it doesn’t have a title.

The script below isn’t particularly well developed, so you’ll need to know PHP to adjust it for your purposes. Enjoy.

View the script at

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