Working for yourself with tech support?

I’ve spend 10 hours so far trying to get my laptop to work with a linksys wireless card. Their support is good because they have chat (I like chat support, even though it’s often slow, at least you can ask questions), but we haven’t been able to fix it. I’m sure someone who knows their stuff and with access to the computer could fix it in 15 minutes.

Working for yourself is great, but where do you get tech support when you need it? I’d happily pay someone to fix this, just don’t know where to go. If you work for yourself, how do you deal with this? Any pointers?

I’m at the point where I’m considering buying another laptop, or re-installing XP from scratch, both way too painful for something stupid like this. Am I going to just have to deal with it and spend 10% of my time wasted trying to fix things like this?

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  1. what make card and describe any errors and what have tried so far.

    Email me and will try to help.


  2. Actually, this is exactly the service that myself (in Toronto), and thousands of other entrepreneurs provide in every major city, I’m sure, around the world. We put up flyers and hand out business cards, while trying not to spam the neighbourhood. We form relationships and get lots of recommendations through friends and former clients. We have so much work that we don’t feel competitive with others who do the same thing in the same neighbourhood. We are the IT departments for companies who are too small to have an IT department.

    Ask a few friends, check the phone book, or drop by your local laundrymat/restaurant, or wherever public notices are posted. Of course, nothing beats a good recommendation. You might not want to trust a stranger with mission critical data the first time you’ve met them, but if you find someone good to install your wireless card, check that your anti-virus software is up-to-date, or whatever, you can build up a relationship over time.

    That’s my advice… like I said, it’s what I do. And trust me, it works. (and yes, my clients are as happy as I am!)

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