NewsForge | Open source usability is a technical problem we can solve on our own: “The reason why there is no usability data pool is that there is no data to be had. Useablilty is simply a matter of taste and choice, that’s why when you ask a quesiton about useablilty all you get is opinions. Useablilty labs are like marketing labs; they are there to gather opinions from focus groups on useablility.
Asking developers to increase usability is roughly equivalent to asking them to dumb the interface down. That’s a big hurdle, but one that’s important to broach.
It’s difficult to understand what users say, just like whales.
We need guys that do beautiful things… guys like Everaldo, though he’s a designer, not a GUI expert…
There is an immediate tradeoff between useability and features.
Just how seriously should people who’s basic goal in life seems to sit around whining about something rather than actually getting off their fat lazy asses and actually doing something to improve the world. I hate to break this to you so-called “Usability Experts”, but Open Source wasn’t created for you losers to build your so-called careers on.”

And so on.

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