5 minutes with Python

I know PHP, and I’m learning Python. After 5 minutes:

– it’s pretty much the same as PHP, except that you don’t put ; characters at the end of a command.
– and except that Python comes with a tool that lets you run programs without having to upload to a server.
– and variables don’t use the $ sign in front of them.
– don’t use curly brackets, instead just indent stuff
– and more little differences like that: elseif() in PHP is elif in Python. function becomes def. Variables within functions are local, not global, just like PHP.
– you have to define variables before using them. This annoys me much. And it complains when you mix different types of variables. This annoys me mucher. I don’t see why this is necessary, except for making my life harder.

Going well so far – I got Hello World running in minutes.

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