Yesterday I spent all day writing the registration pages and error checking code (including defending against those snarkyt sql injection attacks) for my upcoming service, making it as user friendly as possible (which is much more than most registrations). I decided to use the “almost there” pattern, where, when an input error happens, the user is sent to an intermediate “almost there” page instead of being sent to the same registration page with errors highlighted, which most registration systems seem to use. I like the “almost there” approach better: the user doesn’t have to actively ignore a lot of stuff they’ve looked at before. It goes against accepted wisdom that all input should be checked clientside before submission.

So today I’m taking a day off from this project and I’ll learn Python. Python’s desktop capabilities seem to make it a good fit for some of my future projects, so I’m going to spend some time getting familiar with it.

I love having my own business and deciding for myself what I’m doing with my day. I was originally going to work more on the registration script, but I didn’t feel like it so I’ll do one of the more fun things on my long to-do list.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    I really like the ‘almost there’ pattern. It’d be great if you could expand of the subject. For example, pros and cons of this approach vs traditional error handling and whether it’s suited for every type of user interaction or just for specific ones. Also, is it an original idea of yours or has it been discussed previously?

    Thanks in advance if you have the time/will to answer

  2. I haven’t heard it being discussed but I’m sure others have used it. I also don’t think it would be applicable to any kind of form. The reason I like it goes something like: it is much easier for a user to see ONLY the fields they made mistakes in, with ONLY the text explaining what went wrong and how to fix it, than a full page with additional error info where they have to try to find the fields that have problems. I haven’t given it too much thought though…

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