I met up in downtown Manhattan (Soho) with Jay and Drazen Pantic, a serb who helped create B-92, the radio station that was in sarejavo during the war and was the only independent voice out there, and former Yugoslavia’s first internet provider.

In the video (inside) he’s explaining how they had to log in remotely in their internet service and erase all user data to protect people. We talked about videoblogging and his new project dv.open4all.info which is like a bittorrent host where people can upload video (torrent files). Share the media – be the media.

One of his quotes I really liked: “Politics happens on the couch.”. Which is why we need Freevo – so people can watch real-people TV from the internet on the couch, not huddled behind a monitor. He also told me about FFMPEG, an open source product that can be used to optimize video serverside.

The video is inside.

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