Fast Track

Fast Track: “ForwardTrack is a new system created by Eyebeam R&D designed to promote on-line activism. The system tracks and maps the diffusion of email forwards, political calls-to-action, and petitions. Our goal is to help people understand decentralized networks and see the power of “6 degrees of separation.” ForwardTrack technology helps prove that one person can make a difference.

Millions of political messages are distributed through email, but it has been a notoriously difficult medium to measure. In 2001, Eyebeam’s R&D Director Jonah Peretti, then a graduate student at MIT, had considerable difficulty tracking the spread of his Nike Sweatshop email forward. It was impossible to determine how many people received the email or exactly how it diffused.”

And it will be made open source.

MT to WordPress redirects.

I used the following script to create a mod_rewrite file for my new WordPress install. After running the script, the redirects look like this:

Redirect Permanent /ease/archives/001694.html

Note the /562/ part. That’s different from the usual WordPress URL’s.

The reason I had to write this script is that the existing scripts assume every item has a title. I have written a lot of my MT entries without title, so I can’t use the style, because it assumes no two entries on the same day have the same title. Empty titles wouldn’t really work. It’s not a huge problem, but I tried to solve it anyway, by setting up a URL structure that incorporates the entry ID: (in the WordPress admin, go to Options > Permalinks and use the following code)


This way every entry has a unique URL, even when it doesn’t have a title.

The script below isn’t particularly well developed, so you’ll need to know PHP to adjust it for your purposes. Enjoy.

View the script at

Went to see Maria Full of Grace last Saturday. It’s a good movie, not all doom and nastyness, but just real people doing real things.

As someone who has lived in Colombia (and my gf who is from Colombia agrees), I can say Colombia is exactly as portrayed in the movie. My gf said the moto guy was exactly like the real moto guys she knew in Colombia.

I’ve shot a documentary in Colombia earlier this year, and in the beginning of the movie, I kept thinking “we have that footage!”. All the scenes where shot in places we have shot or at least been to as well (Queens, NYC; the airport; Medellin Colombia, Bogota). Of course, we don’t have that story, nor that acting, nor that moviemaking talent.

I donated US$50 for the Kerry campaign on the street the other day. I can’t vote in the US, but US politics fascinates me more and more. Tactics are scarily refined. In Belgium, we have a multi-party state, every election 2, 3 or 4 parties work together to form the governement. Here in the US, it’s one winner takes all.