Videoblogging week Day 3

I was going to do this as a SMIL presentation that plays the different movies in sequence, mixed with some text, but no time. It’s going to take a day or so for me to figure this SMIL stuff out… I’ll have to do it when I find some time. So here’s today entry for videoblogging week. Filmed during my commute home in small bits. I put together a bunch of the scenes I filmed (no editing). It’s my longest film so far, it’s 2.25 Megs, too large to upload through the browser upload of my MT installation so I had to FTP it.

Because it’s so large, it’s inside this entry. Yes I know I should use a “coverpage”, but no time to figure that one out today…

By the way, kids don’t even walk to school for fear of someone sueing. So everybody drives their kids in cars! Here’s or videobloggingweek.

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