I have some free time coming up, and I hope to do some research about a few things:

– the Everything Else category (example at Half.com)

the co-construction of users and technology. I’m ordered 5 books, mostly out of the anthropology field, about how users and technology are constructed. Fascinating stuff, with definite repurcussions for how we construct taxonomies. Don’t be surprised if I write about the co-construction of users and taxonomies soon ;)

– international information architecture

– the properties of classification systems. I’d like to expand our understanding of classification systems a bit with information from not just the library sciences and IT sciences, but to include cognitive science and the social sciences. What are the cognitive relevant aspects of certain types of classification systems? What can we learn from the research on cognitive basic-levelness of categories? How exactly do power relations in a social system influence the creation of classification systems? How about identity? How do users co-construct classification systems?

Lotta stuff, I probably will only get to some of that this year… Sometimes I wish I was a student still, but most of the time I don’t. Couldn’t afford it anyways.

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  1. Re: the properties of classification systems — yes, indeed.

    (1) I have the feeling that there’s so much we don’t know, and that we can learn a great deal from many different disciplines, not just library and information science. (That’s why I’m trying to maintain a cross-disciplinary perspective in the Barrington Report on Advanced Knowledge Organization and Retrieval.)

    (2) A corollary: We can’t assume that the current state of the art is what we really need [in enterprise applications].

    (3) Until we can describe the nature of a classification system in a fairly precise way, building and managing enterprise taxonomies will remain more art than science.

    I assume you have read Lakoff’s Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal about the Mind.

    I wish you the best in your travels. My favorites: Thailand and Paris.


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