Cheap tickets between NYC and Brussels (or London) with Biman Bangladesh

If you have to fly to India (bombay) or Europe (brussels, london), Biman (the Bangladeshi airline) often have the best deals. It’s not easy to get tickets for them though, you usually can’t buy them online. I’ve used them before to get cheap tickets between New York City and Brussels. The airplanes are old, but they have great seats and cool 70’s decoration. They serve good curries too, and I’ve never found cheaper tickets. To find them:

1. Go to Biman’s website and check their dates and destinations. You can’t buy tickets there.

2. Find a travel agent. To do that, call the Biman office in New York City (the phone number is here) and ask to buy tickets. They’ll tell you you can’t buy tickets there, but they’ll refer you to a travel agent in NYC.

3. Call the travel agent, get the ticket. They don’t send it to you (maybe if you ask nicely), you have to go to their office in NYC to pick it up.

4. Pick up your ticket.

The good thing about these tickets is not only that they’re cheap, but they’re also very flexible about changing dates. Just give them a call. I got a NYC-Brussels ticket for US$ 430 that anywhere else (and I tried everything I could find, including Virgin Atlantic and such) was minimum US$750 (peak season).

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