Helping people start blogs

I’ve helped 2 friends of mine start blogs in the past year: Jay and Melina (I don’t even remember her URL). They don’t blog much though, think they aren’t getting that bloggin’ feeling. Jay sends me URL’s sometimes that I tell him he should put on his blog instead.

What are your experiences with helping people start blogs?

0 thoughts on “Helping people start blogs

  1. I think the main thing with blogs is that they should be about something *other* than just the person who’s blogging. That way, you don’t have to feel you need to put your innermost feelings up for all the world to see. It’s not a diary. It’s a blog. Blog about gardening, stamp collecting or whatever. Just don’t blog about random thoughts that come into your head is what I tell ’em. That way, they refine and expand on the topic that interests them (hopefully with the aid of feedback). That’s the value of blogging.

  2. My mom is 78. She started blogging last October after she asked me what a blog was.

    So instead of just telling her, I had her start one!

    At first she wanted to know why she should post to her blog. Then she started getting comments and emails from people.

    That excited her.

    Now she’s getting comments from people worldwide and she finds it totally amazing.

    She’s starting to see another side of the internet, other than Google and static pages, where people who are interested in the same things make connections.

    She’s very active and gets out all the time, but at some point, if she has trouble getting around, the internet will be a nice place for her to interact with others.

    If you’ve got a spare moment, make a comment over at her blog.

    It’ll make her happy. :-)

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