Project description: “RAW is a set of tools and processes for capturing, in an unconventional way, everyday subjective experience of a place, a culture, a people.” Sounds, almost, like videoblogging to me :)

VideoBlogging: “Things are happening in the videoblogging community in 2004! We have an active mailing list, during Video Blogging Week a bunch of us posted 1 videoblog entry a day, we’re discussing creating a Desk Top Tool, and soon we hope our first 70 year old videoblogger online!”

I’m looking for pointers to server side video optimizing products, as in, you upload a not-so-compressed video, and the script can compress it further for you for showing on the web.

Freevo is like an open-source Tivo. There is a LOT going on in the video/tv/open source world. Videoblogging is just one little part of the whole ecology. Maybe I’ll write an overview article one of these days. I’m quitting my job so I’m looking for interesting projects.

I mae a videoblog compilation, showing all the videos we made this week. It’s an experiment with SMIL, let me know how it works. It pulls in movies from all the relevant serves (talk about deep linking!), so some may be slow. It’s a SMIL file saved as a .mov file (with the word SMILtext before the first smil tag so Quicktime knows what it’s looking at). It took 2 hours to put together, and still has some (many) rough edges…
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Ok so one more for the road. I visited Jay at MNN, the Manhattan community TV station. This one’s edited a bit too random, really…

BW Online | June 28, 2004 | The Digital Village: “Among the grand gothic columns of Bangalore’s colonial-era urban administration office, a couple dozen village dwellers neatly dressed in cotton shirts, sarongs, and turbans wait their turn at what looks like an automatic teller machine. But this machine isn’t dispensing cash. Instead, farmers from nearby villages can use the terminal to see computerized copies of the deeds to the tiny patches of wheat, rice, and vegetables they till for a living. Once they’ve checked their information, they can get a printed copy of their records at a neighboring window for just 30 cents.”

(Dutch) is een toffe (ja niemand zegt nog “of”, kweet het. Ik ben al 5 jaar niet meer in Belgie geweest.) blog. Zinnen splitsen kan ik nog als de beste. Na enkele jaren rond de wereld te hoppen kan ik Vlaams echt wel apprecieren. Het grootste voordeel is dat niemand het verstaat buiten Vlaanderen (en zelfs dan). Bijvoorbeeld: als ik zeg dat ik het wel erg beu ben van op mijn buro een sandwich te eten terwijl ik werk (die Amerikanen hebben echt geen kultuur!) dan gaat men werkgever dat niet lezen. Niet dat het iets uitmaakt want ik heb men job opgezecht anyway. Vlaanderen boven zegt de Raymond. (Hoe ist daarmee feitelijk?) (En: gaat iemand dit lezen?)

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | What impact will new BBC guidelines make?: “The BBC is making changes to the way its journalists gather and report news, including establishing a journalism training college.
The new guidelines place emphasis on accurate note-taking and suggest that serious allegations should not be broken in live broadcasts.
The guidelines were revised former BBC News chief Ron Neil in response to the Hutton report into the death of Doctor David Kelly.” Includes comments.

Videoblogging week Day 3

I was going to do this as a SMIL presentation that plays the different movies in sequence, mixed with some text, but no time. It’s going to take a day or so for me to figure this SMIL stuff out… I’ll have to do it when I find some time. So here’s today entry for videoblogging week. Filmed during my commute home in small bits. I put together a bunch of the scenes I filmed (no editing). It’s my longest film so far, it’s 2.25 Megs, too large to upload through the browser upload of my MT installation so I had to FTP it.

Because it’s so large, it’s inside this entry. Yes I know I should use a “coverpage”, but no time to figure that one out today…
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Kevin Kelly — Cool Tools: what a great idea: “A decade ago some community librarians in California initiated a great idea: why not lend tools as well as books? The idea slowly spread to a couple of dozen other US towns, but the most active and well-stocked tool libraries are still in the Bay Area — one in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. The typical tool lending library offers basic hand tools, and a selection of garden, landscaping and construction tools. The hot items with waiting lists at the San Francisco Tool Lending Library (now in the middle of a move to a new location on Howard Street) are heavy duty power tools.”

Videoblogging week day 1

On the videoblogging mailing list, we decided to do a video blogging week. This page collects all videoblog posts from the participants.

You can join us in videoblogging week, just let us know and start posting!

Jay’s post for today is edited in iMovie and is a movie about MNN, a Manhattan public TV station where he works. Ordinary people making TV, just like videoblogging.

Steve Garfield’s first entry for the week is about a family tree.

I did a bunch of little movies this afternoon in central park, and decided to use the best ones, uncut and unedited. They’re inside this post.
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Bye bye rat race

I have decided to quit my job, and start my own company. I’ve learnt a lot working on information architectures for enterprise portals here in the US, but the time has come to move on.

I have many plans, I’ll talk about those later. But first, this summer, I am going to spend a few months traveling. I love to travel, but being in the rat race for the past 5 years has meant I haven’t seen as much of the world as I wanted to. So that’s gonna change. India’s first on the list. I only have two months this summer, but it’s better than nothing.

Meanwhile, if you want to discuss a project you think I might be interested in, or are looking for an information architecture consultant, get in touch.

I plan to mix consulting with creating my own projects. Exciting times!

I was having problems creating virtual hosts on my local Apache server (on Windows XP). Turns out I was editing the wrong hosts file. The correct one was at C:/Windows/System 32/drivers/etc. Instead, I was editing another one. Strangely, a windows search didn’t find the real hosts file. Also, I use Spybot – Search & Destroy, and it had inserted a set of anti-ad domains in the hosts file (it stops ads from showing). But at the same time it seems that it had write-protected the hosts file, so I had to delete it and resave it. Hopefully this helps some other poor soul having the same problem.