Steves Digicams – Apacer Disc Steno: “The Apacer Disc Steno CP-100 is a portable, battery-operated, multi-session CompactDisc recorder. Its main use is to transfer image files or other data from flash memory cards to CD-R or CD-R/W discs without a computer. This eliminates the need to buy multiple flash memory cards when vacationing or working out in the field and allows you to leave your laptop at home.”

The Inevitable “Day After Tomorrow” Review. I went to see it yesterday. Bad, yes, but entertaining. When you live in New York, a lot of movies featuring the city become much more entertaining. You recognize the buildings, the people. It’s kinda fun.

(Spoilers ahead)

I think many people will especially appreciate the part where millions of Americans try to enter Mexico, only to be stopped at the border. Only after the president forgives all Latin-American dept do they let them in. – Trends in Blog Searching: “Recently, most major search engines have altered their algorithms to push blogs down in the search results. Engines that only return two results from any one site use this feature to limit the impact of blogs on the search results.”

Textdrive – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “TextDrive is a managed webhosting company created by Dean Allen (creator of Textpattern, a weblog/content management system) and Jason Hoffman, designed primarily (but not exclusively) as a hosting service for Textpattern-managed sites, similar to Six Apart’s Movable Type-based TypePad service. Allen was able to raise just under $40,000 in startup funding in just over three days. The investors, also known as the “VC 200,” were an assortment of web developers, designers, and bloggers. Allen chose this means of raising capital as a community-funded alternative to traditional venture capital.” A competitor for Typepad :) Differentiation: you get hosting as well (meaning you can do more things than just host your blog).