So I started a wiki about Video Blogging on, a domain name I registered last week. Sometimes I go crazy with registering domain names, I don’t know why that is… I liked this one because it’s kinda short and speaks to the idea that you can create your own TV channel. (If we get the technology right, that is.)

Good Friday afternoon stuff: Joho the Blog: Edge-based about-ness: “What something is about often is so implicit that it’s precisely the thing that’s not stated. And sometimes a page can’t even know what it’s about: the manual about O-ring maintenance couldn’t know that it would actually be about the Challenger disaster.”

ongoing · Web Services Theory and Practice: “For big systems with open-ended scaling requirements, architectures that are asynchronous and queued rather than call and response generally seem to win, big time. It’s not an accident that IBM and Tibco were making millions selling big robust asynchronous queuing infrastructure long before anyone started talking about ‘Web Services’.”

Raising the Humble Chicken || “For the last two summers I have maintained a flock of chickens. The results have been … interesting. More eggs than I could eat, interesting evenings, and a freezer full of what I consider very healthy meat. I plan to share my experiences in this article with the hope that somebody might be inspired to raise a small flock.”

Design of a scalable linux fileserver: “512 Mbytes RAM. My mobo can take 1 gig max, so I will be upgrading it with another stick when funds permit. You definitely need a gig of ram. This is the most expensive part of my server – spare no expense to get as much memory as you can.”