Andrew points to A new kind of comments spam?.

Looking at this a bit more, it is clearly spam. Someone is creating a circle of fake “personal” websites using cookie cutter text (the ‘about me’ is the same for all the sites), various free hosts and varying images. Warning: the sites pop up ads of the most annoying kind.

It really wouldn’t take a hacker much work to create thousands of fake “personal” websites that are a lot better and varied than this one, and then comment spam the hell out of the weblog world to build pagerank. I don’t want to give anyone ideas but I’m pretty sure this is inevitable.

XML, trees and laticces.

I’ve been wondering about XML and highlighting text. If I have some text, and I highlight a piece and tag it with some subject, I can easily express that in XML.

But what if then I highlight another, partly overlapping part of the sentence and want to tag that with another tag? How am I supposed to identify that with XML? I don’t want to do what HTML does with overlapping Italics Bold tags, because I want to remember what I highlighted as 1 section, not cut it up in different sections that are tagged the same way. (Is this making sense).

So what is the solution to this? Is there any? I think the fundamental problem is that, at a data modeling level, XML lets you build trees very easily, but not laticces (overlapping structures).


I didn’t catch the second part of this conversation – sometimes you just want out. Every day, I take the train to work. There are conductors who check your ticket, and there is a train driver in the driver’s seat. I got on today, and passed by a kid being trained as driver. The angry teacher was puffing: “I will only tell you this once!”