Joho the Blog: [pcf] User-created content. I’ve recently become interested in users creating and sharing content. I’m especially interested in the sharing of pictures.

I’ve been experimenting with various consumer packages. The most successfull one I’ve seen is Microsoft’s Photo Story. It is not perfect, but it definitely points the way. It makes it very easy to pick a set of pictures (say, baby pictures, or a holiday), put them in a sequence and then talk over them. It then creates an AVI file that can be played in an average media player that shows the pictures (slowly moving and zooming, which adds enormously to the emotional impact).

Sharing pictures will be a huge market, and the first company to figure out the easiest to use hardware/software combination should make a decent buck. Now if only thos digital picture frames would drop in price soon!

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  1. You were spot on in your assessment that photo sharing will become big. Flickr is very popular, but I have been using Picasa 2, offered by Google. It would be nice if they interfaced with Flickr, but they have another site, Hello, that they use. I haven’t delved too deeply into that, but as for organizing photos on your computer, you can’t get much better than Picasa, unless you buy a Mac!

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