XML.com: The Library of Congress Comes Home [Mar. 17, 2004]: “Let’s assume that I’ve convinced you to consider implementing a classification scheme at home. Which one should you use? There are several possibilities: Library of Congress Classification (LCC), Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), Colon Classification (CC), Bliss Classification (BC).
The problem with only arranging your collection physically by alphabetical order is that, without a computerized index of the collection, you can’t form queries like, “show me all the resources that are about Spanish anarchism or anarcho-syndicalism” or “show me all the resources that are about Buddhist folk magic”.”

This does not make sense to me. If you’re going to organize your books, make your own scheme. Don’t re-use a library scheme that was created for different purposes alltogether. Will it let you look up books by your favourites? By the ones signed by authors? By the ones you’re using for you rennovation project?

Kendall also doesn’t mention Amazon’s book search. Why classify your books for retrieval if you can already search them using Amazon, and then just use a simple scheme (alphabetical, …) to retrieve the book?

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